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A blonde walks in to a bar and sits down to order a drink. The next thing she knows a little man dressed in green comes up to her.

Man: Today is your lucky day miss. I am a Leprechaun and I will grant you three wishes, but only if you do me a favor for each one.

Blonde: OK. For my first wish I wish for a new car.

Leprechaun: Done. Your new car is outside in the parking lot with the keys in it. Now for your favor to me I want you to jerk me off.
The blonde thinks it over...

Blonde: Well, OK.
They go into the dark, back corner of the bar and she jerks him off.

Leprechaun: OK what do you want for your next wish?

Blonde: You know I just got fired from my job. I could use some extra cash. I wish for a million dollars.

Leprechaun: Done. The money is on the trunk of your new car. Now in return I want you to give me a blow job.
The blonde thinks it over...

Blonde: Well, OK.
Again they go into the corner and she goes down on him.

Leprechaun: One more wish my dear. What is it you want most?

Blonde: Well, I'm tired of always being taken advantage of just because I am blonde. I want a boyfriend who loves me, won't leave me, is strong, smart and very good looking.

Leprechaun: Done. Your new boyfriend is sitting in the car right now. All I want is for you to fuck me.
The blonde thinks it over...and agrees. They go to the back corner and fuck. The blonde stands up and gets dressed and she starts walking to the door.

Leprechaun: Just out of curiosity, how old are you?

Blonde: I'm 28 why?

Leprechaun: You are 28 and you still believe in Leprechauns?