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A ship was sunk in the pacific ocean. there were only 3 survivors, a doctor, a priest and a lawyer. they managed to make it to the life boat but the oars weren't there. as they began searching the waters surrounding them they noticed a great number of shark fins circling the dislodged oars. they sat there for a while debating on who was to swim for the oars. the doctor replied, "i certainly can't. if the person gong for the oars is attacked, i'll be needed to give them medical attention". the priest exclaimed, "well i certainly can't go as if the person going for the oars dies, i'll be needed to give last rights". the two turned to the lawyer, who just jumped out of the boat and started swimming to the oars. as the lawyer neared, the sharks swam away, the lawyer grabbed the oars and returned to the life boat. as he climbed aboard, the sharks returned. the doctor and priest looked on him with awe. the lawyer shrugged and said, "professional courtesy"