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Santa Singh is selected to play for the Indian cricket team as an opening batsman. He opens the batting against West Indies. He is asked to face the very first over (with one Sunil Gavaskar as the non-striker!) from Marshall who is bowling at his fiercest...

First ball : Whizzes past santa's off-stump. Santa doesn't move an inch. Ball goes to wicket-keeper. Second ball : Goes right over the santa's bat and just over the middle stump, somehow missing both the bat and the stumps. Santa is again unmoved.

Third ball : Is a bouncer. Almost decapitates the santa, missing his head by a fraction of an inch. Ball goes to wicket-keeper. Santa doesn't move a muscle.

Fourth ball : Outside the leg-stump.Santa again doesn't move, and the ball shoots past him to the wicket-keeper. But this time, the umpire shouts "No Ball!"

Santawalks up to the umpire and tells him, "So you discovered it now!You see, I know from the very beginning that the guy has no ball in his hand!"