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At midnight, a middle-aged man was waiting at a train station to cross the country, heading back east to see his relative. As he stepped up into the train car, he noticed that the car was almost empty except for a young beautiful nun who sat by herself reading the Bible. The man sat near by her hoping to get some companionship during the long ride.

However, the nun was paying no attention to him. She just kept on reading the Bible without even acknowledging him. Half an hour went by slowly and silently, making the man more and more anxious to start a conversation. But he did not know how to start. The man then put his hand on the nun's lap. The nun blushed with a little bit of anger.

Nun: Dear sir, do you believe in God?
Man: Yes, I do.
Nun: Have you read the Bible? You know, it is wrong to put your hand on my lap. Perhaps you should go home and read line 23 on page 157.

The man withdrew his hand and sat quietly until the train reached the East Coast. The next day, he looked at the Bible and read the excerpt: "Heaven is a little bit higher."