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Heaven was getting too crowded so one day God told St. Peter to only allow those who had had a bad day on the day of their death in. Not long afterwards a man shows up at the Gates of Heaven. St. Peter says "Hello, sir, How was your day?" The man replies, "Just awful. I came home to my apartment on the thirteenth floor of my building and when I opened the door I found a man and a woman in bed together. I shut the door quickly but soon realized that the woman in the bed was my wife. I opened the door again but the guy was gone. I searched all over and finally I found him hanging on by his fingers off of my balcony. I ran over and started banging on his fingertips. He fell off but landed on a bush so I grabbed the first thing I could find, the refridgerator, and threw it on top of him. Then I guess I had a heart attack because here I am." St. Peter smiled and said, "Okay, sir, I can see you’ve had a bad day...welcome to Heaven."

A little while later a man in an exercising suit came up to St. Peter. St. Peter said, "Hello, sir, How was your day?" The man said, "It was horrible! I was exercising on the balcony of my fourteenth floor apartment when I got a little excited and fell off. But luckily I caught the guy below me’s balcony. Then get this...The crazy bastard comes out and starts banging on my fingertips! I fall, but thankfully, land on a bush. Then the guy throws a refridgerator on me! A REFRIDGERATOR!!! So I died..." St. Peter’s laughing by now and says, "Okay, sir, you’ve had a bad day...welcome to Heaven."
Then President Bill Clinton walks up. St. Peter gasps and says, "Oh, my gosh, Mr. President! We’re you assassinated?!" Bill Clinton sighs and says, "Picture this...me naked in a refidgerator."