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Funny Jokes - Hide & seek

Thursday, August 21, 2008 | 0 comments |

There were three boys named Manners, Shut up and Trouble.
One day,
the boys decide to play hide-and-seek. Trouble is on. Manners goes and
hides in a tree and Shut up goes and hides in a trash can.
At that
moment, a policeman comes up to the trash can to throw away a banana
peel. He opens the lid, only to find a boy in there.

The policeman asks, " What are you doing in there, boy?"
Shut up replies, "Playing hide-and-seek, sir."
Intrigued, the policeman asks,"What's your name, boy?"
"Shut up."
"Where are your manners, boy?!"
"Manners is up the tree."
"Boy, are you looking for trouble???"
"No sir, Trouble is looking for me!"