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A beautiful but aging woman goes into a bar filled with photos of famous boxers. A man sits down next to her and says, "Hey, this is supposed to be a bar for boxing fans."

"Are you kidding? I'm the biggest boxing fan in the world."

"You are?" says the man, happy to find a woman who shares his interests. "Why, I'm such a big boxing fan," she continues, that I have a tattoo of Mike Tyson on one thigh and a tattoo of Evander Holyfeld on the other. Wanna see them?"

"Sure," says the man, downing his scotch.

The woman hikes up her skirt, spreads her legs, and grabs the man's head and shoves it down there. "Can you see Iron Mike? Can you see Evander?" she asks.

The man comes up for air and say, "Yeah, I saw them both, but you didn't say you had Don King in the middle."