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A young couple is traveling across the country in their covered wagon. They come across a small town and decide to stop for the night. Not long after their arrival, the husband meets the sheriff and strikes up a conversation with the law enforcer. The sheriff informs the man that it is against the law to speak of, or even use the word "sex". The husband discusses this situation with his wife and they decide they will refer to sex as "doing the laundry" when the urge strikes. Later that night, while lying in bed, the husband rolls over and says "honey, I think it is time to do the laundry", to which the wife replies "no, I'm tired". Thirty minutes later, the husband rolls over and makes a second attempt: "honey, I think we should really do the laundry now". The wife replies a firm, "no, the laundry will have to wait". Two hours pass and the wife finally rolls over and whispers, "honey, we can do the laundry now". The husband looks back at her and replies, "sorry dear, it was a small load... I did it by hand".