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Fred himself unable to satisfy his blonde wife. He tried hundreds of methods but just wasn't able to do the job. He finally went to his best friend and asked for advice. His friend told him not to worry because he knew a method that was 100% successful.

He says, "Hire a big strong guy to stand near your bed and waving a huge towel over both of you while you are having sex. This way your wife will be stimulated and have an orgasm."

The guy hired the strong man, but all efforts were in vain. He went back to his friend and told him what happened. So his friend suggested that they switch places.

"Why don't you wave the towel while the strong man does the job in bed," says the friend. Poor Fred agreed, and said that he would do anything to satisfy his wife. He hired the same guy again and this time they traded positions.
Naturally, the blonde had a divine orgasm.

The husband leaned over to the strong guy and said, "You see!! That's how you wave the towel!"