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A Sardar, a Japanese and a Britisher were lost in the desert. They were driving around in a Jeep when it broke down. Because they had nothing else, they decided to each take a piece of the Jeep as they continued their journey.

The Japanese took the radiator, the Britisher took the seat, and our Sardar took the door.

After a while of walking the Britisher asked the Japanese "I'm confused, why did you bring the radiator?"
The Japanese responded, "If I get thirsty, I can drink the fluid."

Next our Pappaji asked the Britisher "Why did you bring the seat?"
So the Britisher said "If I get tired,I am not going to sit on the sand. I can sit on this comfortable seat."

Finally the Japanese asked our Hero why he had chosen the door.
The Sardar quickly responded to this question, "Well, when it gets hot all I have to do is roll down the window."