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On 1st night Santa uses all his power to push it in.
Fails but proudly says: Too tight! But I'm happy I'm the 1st.
Bride: No ji. Others removed the panty 1st.


Santa divorced his wife on 1st night.
Banta asked him the reason,
Santa said, "Yaar ohdi panty te sticker laga si: OK/Tested. Mohan Lal & Sons


Banta to a girl: Wat's ur name?
Girl: Carmen.
Banta: Yeh kaisa naam hai?
Girl: Becoz I like Cars and men. What's ur name?


Santa comes bleeding. Banta: What happened?
Santa: Jaggu hit me with hammer.
Banta: Didn’t u hv anything in ur hands?
Santa: I had.
Banta: What?
Santa: His wife’s boobs!