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Little Johnny was sitting in class one day when he asked his teacher a question, "Please Miss," he said, "What's a PE.NIS?"

The teacher thought it was an excellent question so she told the whole class that it would be their homework for the night.

When little Johnny got home he immediately went to his father and asked him what a pe.nis is.

His father undid his trousers and said, "Look son, that's a Pe.nis."

Johnny was very pleased that it had been so easy to do his homework.

The next morning, on his way to school he met Mary but she was in floods of tears.

"Why are you crying?" he asked.

"Well I wasn't able to do my homework," she sobbed.

"Nobody would tell me what a Pe.nis is."

"OK, I'll help you," said little Johnny.

As he undid his trousers he said to Mary, "Look, you see this? Well, this is a Dic.k . A Pe.nis is about three inches shorter!"