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Santa on a blind date with a gori.

Santa: Do you object 2 sex?

Gori: That’s something I have never done.

Santa: What! U r a Virgin?

Gori: No, Never Objected!


On 1st night Santa uses all his power to push it in. Fails but proudly says: Too tight! But I'm happy I'm the 1st.

Bride: No ji. Others removed the panty 1st.


Obscene phone caller: Hello baby, if you can guess what's in my hand I'll let you have it.

Preeto: Listen ji, if you can hold it in one hand I'm not interested.


Banta Complaining: U r so unresponsive, do u use cold cream between your legs?

Preeto Taunting: U must be using vanishing cream between yours.


Santa after interview: Everything went fine till the time he asked me for my testimonials. I guess I showed him the wrong thing!