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A business man packing for a trip glances in his briefcase.
"Yes, darling?"
"Honey," he says, in mild exasperation, "why do you persist
in putting a condom in my briefcase every time I go on a trip?
You know I only have eyes for you. I'd never be unfaithful."
"Oh, I know, darling, and I trust you," she replies sweetly.
"It's just that, well you know, with all those terrible diseases
out there, it would make me feel better to know that if any-
thing did happen, you'd be protected. So please, darling, take
it with you, won't you? For my peace of mind?"
"Oh, alright, if you put it that way," he relented. "I'll do it
for you. But for safety's sake, give me more than one."