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Chutkule - Magic in Lips

Monday, February 23, 2009 | 0 comments |

this happened once at the new delhi Rly station...there was a honeymoon couple waiting for there train,so to kill time gal goes to her guy .....jaan mere sir main bahoot dard ho raha ...guy goes....hain jaan....then he kisses her on her forehead and says theek ho gaya jaan...gal goes....haan jaan ek dam theek ho gaya....then after a lill while gal goes again ....jaan mere gale main bahoot dard ho raha hai....guy goes hain jaan...and this time he kisses on her neck and asks ...is it fine she says haan jaan....so they keep doing this to every limb of the body not knowing that our taoo was watching them all the way from a distance....so now unable to contol himself after all those kisses and aches taoo comes and goes to the guy.....beta main tane dekh ke bahoot raji hooa ...guy asks kya baat hui...taoo bolya beta tere hooton[lips] main to jadoo hai main sub dekh rhya thaa ki tanne kis tere apni gharwali ka dard seconda main theeek kar diya to beta baat aisi hai mere bade dinna te yo saali bawasir[hemmorroids,piles] ho rhi hei beta too eene bhi theek kar de................