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There are many ways to eat a masala dosa. Whatever the way one eats; there is a very good reason for doing that. It shows some traits of the person that is you...

1. People who open the masala dosa and eat it.

2. People who start from both end and approach the masala later.

3. People who do not finish all the masala.

4. People who finish all the masala with the little dosa they have.

5. People who start from the middle and proceed to both ends.

6. People who eat the dosa making sure that the masala lasts for the whole dosa.

7. People who take one or two bites and then offer the dosa to others.

8. People who wait for others to make the offer first.

9. People who offer dosa only when they cannot finish it on their own.

10. People who offer the whole dosa and eat from others plates.

So next time you sit with a person eating a masala dosa, look closely and see if he falls into one of the above categories. You may be surprised as how much it reveals about the person.