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Define contraceptive pill?

It's the second best thing that a women can keep in her mouth to avoid Pregnancy.


Man teases his ex-wife's new husband: So, dude how was the second-hand Stuff?

New husband: Not bad. After the first 3 inches, she was brand new.


What is d similarity between doing sex & doing surgery?

Skill is more important than the instrument....


The saddest part of a Man's body is his Balls.

The Lord the Almighty sentenced them to: Hang Till Death!


Girl: Excuse me brother, that's my seat.

Boy: OK! But I'm not your brother; my father never fucked your mom.

Girl: True, but my father did!


A football team loses their star player, Roger Dicks, due to an injury.

Next day a headline reads: Team to play without Dicks.

The manager calls up the newspaper and objects,

so the editor changes the Headline.

It reads: Team to play with Dicks out.