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In life, never look down on anybody, unless

U R getting a lovely view of the Cleavage!


Whenever you see a woman and an opportunity don't screw

the opportunity!


Indian : Sir we got a huge order from Pakistan for 16 inches condoms.

I think .It is to embarrass us.

Boss: No problem! Complete the order and mark them "SMALL SIZE."


What is the definition of a Lesbian?

Yet another Damm Woman trying to do a Man's job!!


Today’s generation: Six year old boy to a four year old boy:

Dude, I found a Condom in the balcony.

Four year old boy: What's a balcony?


Mr. Chu from China & Mr. Tiya from Korea came to India & setup a Firm..

Till now, they have no Business & are still wondering why their firm:

CHUTIYA & CO. Failed?


When God made me, He asked, "Great Memory or Giant Penis?”

I can’t remember what I said.


What advice does the doctor give to sick prostitutes?

Stay out of BED for two days.